Werner Herzog talks about the final stages of Queen of the Desert post production and more

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Werner Herzog spoke to Bande à Part and Les Inrocks about Queen of the Desert. The interviews are translated but visit the links if you understand French.

Translation by PAW from Bande à Part:

Can you tell us more about your next movie ‘Queen Of The Desert’?
In less than ten days, I will start the mixing. The filming and editing are completed and I should be able to put an end to the movie in the first days of december.I don’t know where or when it will be shown for the first time.

The cast is really impressive: Nicole Kidman, James Franco, Robert Pattinson…
They all really wanted to work with me. I was asked why I chose Pattinson. It’s not a big part, and it matched perfectly. I needed an englishman who still looks like a schoolboy but which is very smart. He plays Lawrence of Arabia, but at the age of 22, on an archeological site. Kidman, who plays the main role is wondering what that kid has to do in a place like this, and an archeologist tells her that this kid has a PhD.Pattinson is really good in that role. He is a smart man and the choice was quite natural.

Translated excerpt from Les Inrocks:

Les Inrocks: You just finished Queen of the Desert, a blockbuster […] with Robert Pattinson as Lawrence of Arabia, aka TE Lawrence …

Werner Herzog: Lawrence is a supporting character. He meets the main character in my film, Gertrude Bell, an adventurous geographer of the early twentieth century performed by Nicole Kidman. This is an epic film with much happening in the Arabian desert. But for practical reasons, we filmed in Morocco, near the Algerian border.

PHOTOS: Mark Yaeger shares pic of Nicole Kidman and Damian Lewis from Queen of the Desert and MORE

Queen of the Desert and composer, Klaus Badelt, has been recording the score this week. One of the musicians, Mark Yaeger, has some great pics he’s been sharing on his instagram. One of the pics offers us a first look at Nicole Kidman and Damian Lewis from the film!

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FESTIVAL BUZZ: The Hollywood Reporter calls Queen of the Desert a safe bet for Telluride + MORE

The Toronto International Film Festival and Venice Film Festival have made their main lineup announcements which has our sights set on another festival that is around the corner.


Telluride Film Festival takes place in Colorado from Aug. 28-Sept. 1. The festival doesn’t announce their lineup until the day before but The Hollywood Reporter, in a piece about the TIFF and Telluride drama, thinks you can put some money on Queen of the Desert showing up there:

It’s also a pretty safe bet that Werner Herzog, who has premiered dozens of films at Telluride, will debut his Queen of the Desert (still seeking a U.S. distributor) at the fest, as well.

Last year, the festival opened a new, 650-seat theater called the Werner Herzog Theater sooooooo….odds in our favor aren’t too shabby.


We’ll see how this plays out and keep our eyes on Telluride. A couple of tweets clued us in on current post work. The score began recording at Abbey Road Studios on July 22nd.

From July 15th

From July 21st

We can’t wait to hear the score and especially see the performances in Queen of the Desert. Werner Herzog, speaking to The Playlist, recently added to our anticipation when talking about Nicole Kidman:NicoleKidman

Playlist contributor James Rocchi spoke to Herzog last week and during a conversation about the acting powers of Klaus Kinski and Nicolas Cage, Herzog veered off to discuss how impressed he was with Kidman. “I think in all my films, the actors are at their best—and it includes Nicolas Cage in ‘Bad Lieutenant.’ I believe he is better than even in the part that won him an Academy Award,” Herzog said of Cage’s Best Actor win for “Leaving Las Vegas.”

“Now, Nicole Kidman,” Herzog said of her lead performance in “Queen Of The Desert.” “Wait for that one. Wait for it. I make an ominous prediction: How good she is.”

Herzog wasn’t shy about giving self-props to the environment he creates to assist the actor in giving their best performance possible. “I really take care of actors. I’m not explaining too much, but they feel safe, they feel guided, they feel a kind of dynamic that I can create. They know I can get the best of the best out of them. That’s what I do. That’s what I’m paid for.”

Click HERE to read the entire article, including remarks from Nicole Kidman and Robert Pattinson about Herzog.

SET PHOTOS: ‘Queen of the Desert’ Movie Filming Day 1

A quick check on Twitter today revealed the first set pic for Queen of the Desert‘s first official day of filming.

According to Jay Abdo, who plays the role of Fattuh, Nicole Kidman is filming today.

Another production source, Hicham Hajji, confirms:


There were also several photos posted from a production kick-off dinner last night. (Source: Jay Abdo)