BBC Profile Write Up On Gertrude Bell

BBC News reported on Queen of the Desert filming today and included a profile on Gertrude Bell, along with some photos from her archives. Here are some interesting facts from the article:

Gertrude Bell Archives

Gertrude Bell

After being home schooled, she went to London to be taught at the age of 15, before going on to become the first woman to gain a first-class degree in Modern History at Oxford.

Because of her sex, she was unable to graduate.

She spoke eight languages, including French, Persian, Arabic and Turkish, and it was her knowledge of the tribes, geography and politics of the area that attracted the attention of British Intelligence.

During World War One, she worked at the Arab Bureau in Egypt, with TE Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia – and archaeologist David Hogarth, helping to secure British interests in the Middle East.

Later, she helped to draw up the borders of the new nation of Iraq and helped choose its first ruler, King Faisal.

In the last years of her life, she was made Honorary Director of Antiquities in Iraq and founded the Baghdad Archaeological Museum, where King Faisal ordered a wing be dedicated to her.

What an amazing woman! Read the entire article at BBC News.

SET PHOTOS: ‘Queen of the Desert’ Movie Filming Day 1

A quick check on Twitter today revealed the first set pic for Queen of the Desert‘s first official day of filming.

According to Jay Abdo, who plays the role of Fattuh, Nicole Kidman is filming today.

Another production source, Hicham Hajji, confirms:


There were also several photos posted from a production kick-off dinner last night. (Source: Jay Abdo)





‘Queen Of The Desert’ Replaces Jude Law And Schedules September Shoot In Morocco

Queen of the Desert fans received some exciting updates today!

Producer Cassian Elwes tweeted that Jude Law has been replaced. We look forward to learning of his replacement soon!

Also, Division Films, co-producer, tweeted that the movie shoot has been scheduled for a September 2013 start date and will be filmed in Morocco.

Check back often for updates! We’ll share the news as it is received!