‘Queen Of The Desert’ #7 On The Film Stage’s 80 Most Anticipated Films Of 2014

Queen of The Desert  has made it in at  #7 on The Film Stage’s 80 Most Anticipated movies of 2014. Read what they had to say about it below.

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Following years of irritating stop-start development, Werner Herzog is finally shooting his first feature since 2009’s Bad Lieutenant and My Son, My Son. Shifts on the casting front are only natural with such long progressions acting as a factor, and now the central spot of legendary cartographer Gertrude Bell has been filled by Nicole Kidman – she buoyed by the likes of Robert Pattinson, James Franco, and Damian Lewis — and the subject’s staggering impact on history gives the sort of thread this writer-director has proven himself deeply invested in for decades. (Fitzcarraldo being but one obvious reference point.) It might prove a perfect fit, and we can’t wait to see how Queen shapes up to his true classics

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