‘Queen Of The Desert’ Gets A U.S. Distributor & A September Release Date

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today that Atlas Distribution had picked up Queen of The Desert and are planning a late September release date in the US.


From The Hollywood Reporter:

Director Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert starring Nicole Kidman and James Franco has been picked up by Atlas Distribution Co., marking the first time the entity will distribute a movie without Atlas Shrugged in the title.

Queen of the Desert tells the true story of Gertrude Bell, played by Kidman, who was a British spy, an archaeologist and more at the turn of last century and ended up playing a major role in establishing the modern state of Iraq. She wielded an enormous amount of power for a woman of her era.

Atlas Distribution was founded by John Aglialoro and Harmon Kaslow to distribute their trio of Atlas Shrugged movies, and they said a year ago they’d keep the company intact, infuse it with $25 million and release more films.

Queen of the Desert is the first in that effort, and it is planned for release in late September on a 1,000 screens.

The Atlas Shrugged movies, of course, were based on Ayn Rand’s novel of the same name that is infused with individualistic themes that Kaslow says are present in Queen of the Desert as well.

“Gertrude Bell was a real-life Randian hero,” Kaslow said. “This is exactly the type of film we hope to bring to the masses with Atlas Distribution — an incredible heroine who thought for herself, took orders from no one and had a lasting impact on the world.”

The film also stars Robert Pattinson as T.E. Lawrence, a contemporary of Bell’s who was immortalized in the 1962 epic film, Lawrence of Arabia. The movie is produced by Nick Raslan and Sierra/Affinity is handling international sales.

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PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson & Nicole Kidman Get Friendly With Adorable Lion Cubs ~ Behind The Scenes On ‘Queen Of The Desert’

How adorable are these behind the scenes pics of Robert Pattinson & Nicole Kidman from Queen Of The Desert?




And check out this great pic of Robert Pattinson in costume. it’s the first time we’re getting a good look at his costume.



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WATCH: The First Few Seconds Of The ‘Queen Of the Desert’ Trailer

Queen of the Desert’s Director of Photography Peter Zeitlinger gave a sneak peek of the first couple of seconds of the trailer on his website.
Click the pic below to go to his site, and then click on Queen of the Desert in the menu on the left side to watch.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 08.46.43

Thanks Mel

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PHOTOS: More ‘Queen Of The Desert’ At The Berlin Film Festival

We had a post with photos and videos of Queen of The Desert at the Berlin Film Festival HERE. But now we have a little round-up of photos from the photocall, press conference and premiere that have been featured on the Berlin Festival Website.



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PHOTOS: Official Berlin Star Portraits For ‘Queen Of The Desert’ Director & Cast

Here are the 65th Berlinale Film Festival Star Portraits for the Queen of The Desert Director Werner Herzog and his cast Nicole Kidman,  James Franco and Damian Lewis.

2015-02-06-9759-0470_Werner_Herzog_IMG_x900 2015-02-06-9759-0504_Nicole_Kidman_IMG_x900 2015-02-06-9759-0520_James_Franco_IMG_x900 2015-02-06-9759-0467_Damian_Lewis_IMG_x900

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